Constitution of Accountability Scotland


The name of the association is “Accountability Scotland”.


Accountability Scotland aims to gain greater administrative justice in Scotland, including making the functioning of public authorities, public service bodies and the SPSO, fully transparent and publicly accountable.


Membership of Accountability Scotland is open to all who are prepared to support the purpose of the Association and pay the agreed membership subscription. The Committee is allowed to remove membership (by 2/3 vote) if a member is judged to have brought Accountability Scotland into disrepute or disrupts the amicable functioning of the organisation.


To further its purpose Accountability Scotland may:

  1. Hold meetings, demonstrations and other lawful events.
  2. Lease, hire or otherwise legally gain use of any appropriate property.
  3. Join or otherwise co-operate with any other organisation or person whose purpose or       aim is compatible with the purpose of Accountability Scotland.
  4. Offer support and advice to members of the public who have suffered injustice or hardship through public service body maladministration.
  5. Advise and work with politicians and the Government wherever possible.
  6. Take any other lawful action conducive to the attainment of its aims.


The management of Accountability Scotland is vested in the general meetings of the Association and the Committee appointed to represent it.

The Committee is composed of members who may not number fewer than five or more than ten. Committee members must stand down at each Annual General Meeting but may stand for immediate re-election.

The Committee, at a quorate meeting, may co-opt members onto the Committee and appoint members to any additional committee which they consider beneficial to the Association’s purpose.

The Committee shall keep the membership informed of all developments at the earliest opportunity and be responsive to the requests of members.

Communications with members will be via e-mail and Accountability Scotland’s website.


An Annual General Meeting will be held in October of each year. The Annual General Meeting will elect the members of the Committee including the Hon Chairman, Hon Deputy Chiraman, Hon Secretary and Hon Treasurer/Membership Secretary.

Extraordinary General Meetings may be called by either the Committee or by one third of current members, with three weeks notice given.

Proposed Agendas and other relevant information will be distributed to all members two weeks before meetings.

Members may submit agenda items at meetings subject to giving ten days notice or with the agreement of the members present.

Notices of all meetings will be sent by email to members at least two weeks beforehand.

To be quorate eight members are required at a General Meeting and five members at Committee meetings.


All members will have a vote at General meetings. Voting will be by a show of hands unless a secret ballot is requested by any member present.

Members who are unable to attend any meeting may vote by proxy.

The Hon Chairman or any other member acting as chairperson at a General or Committee meeting will have the casting vote in the event of an equality of vote.


The financial year for the Association will run from 1st April.

The Hon Treasurer will administer the Association’s funds in compliance with directions given by a General Meeting or the Committee.

There will be a subscription, or voluntary contribution, for membership of the Association.

A statement of accounts will be presented at each meeting.


This constitution can only be rescinded or amended with the support of two thirds of the voting members at an Annual General Meeting or a special general meeting called for that purpose.

Any dispute over matters affecting the constitution will be decided by a show of hands or if requested a secret ballot of the members present with the chairperson having a casting vote.


Should Accountability Scotland dissolve, on either the unanimous agreement of its members or its membership falling below five, its funds and other assets will be donated, as members decide, to another association with related aims.

Reformatted 1st March 2018 by the Treasurer