The Complaints Handling Scheme (Health) Office's website is now online at [We suggest you try or the Gibraltar Ombudsman's office]

This page was created on 31st July 2015. Update 8th December 2018. This web site is no longer active.

Our Team

The Complaints Handling Scheme (Health) Office is staffed by two officers, Complaints Handling Coordinator, Daniel Romero and Assistant Complaints Coordinator, Sarah De Jesus. They are committed to delivering the best possible service to those who claim to have been treated unfairly or have received poor service from the Gibraltar Health Authority. For more information on what we do, we encourage the public to browse through the new website.


The Complaints Handling Scheme (CHS) is designed to be the entry portal for all complaints made against the Gibraltar Health Authority. The service is regulated by the Gibraltar Public Services Ombudsman to ensure objectivity and independence in the investigation and resolution of complaints. It is hoped that a wider section of our community will now be able to avail themselves of the service offered by the CHS.  
We are open, impartial, transparent and examine complaints thoroughly.  
Statistical Info

Since the Complaints Handling Scheme (Health) office opened its doors to the public on the 1st day of April 2015 we have received 59 complaints and 17 enquiries. Out of those 59 complaints, 21 have been resolved through informal action whilst 5 have been settled after thorough investigation.

Presentations (PP)

The Complaints Handling Scheme Office has been delivering presentations to the Gibraltar Health Authority's staff in respect to the setup and complaints procedure of the Handling Scheme, up to now 20 presentations have already been given and others will be provided upon request.
Contact Us [Information not verified]​

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+350 20007028
Complaints Handling Scheme (Health)
Unit 2-5.2.09, 5th Floor
St Bernard's Hospital
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