The Herald acknowledges our commentary on the SPSO's clarifications on maladministration. 


February 2014 - Accountability Scotland have submitted a response to requests for consultation on Scottish Planning Policy. The organisations response can be located at the following URL, Accountability Scotland is alphabetically listed among those who submitted responses.


A summary of whistleblower Rab Wilsons experiences at the hands of Ayrshire and Arran Health Board are recounted in the following Scottish Review article.

A whistleblowers Orwellian nightmare


March 2013 - Accountability Scotland has recently had a critique of the SPSO and his performance published in the Scottish Review.

The SPSO - Accountability Scotland publication


March 2013 - The following link highlights a member of the publics experience at Glasgow city council offices as recounted to one of our committee members. This account has also been published in the Scottish Review. 

Glasgow city council at your service - we are not amused


November 2012 - Accountability Scotland made the following submission in relation to the Consultation on the proposed Lobbying Transparency Bill.

AS Response Regarding the Lobbying Transparencey Bill


September 2012 - The official report of the Justice Committee meeting during which Accountability Scotlands PE1449 (issued in August 2012) is discussed can be viewed here.

Official Justice Committee Report of their meeting dated 25th September 2012 in which PE1449 is considered

Pertinent extracts showing progress of the petition are as follows:

The Convener: PE1449 calls for an independent Scottish administrative justice council to be preserved after the abolition of the Administrative Justice and Tribunals Council and, with it, the tribunal’s Scottish committee. The Minister for Community Safety and Legal Affairs copied the committee into correspondence on 4 September, in which she outlined her intention to set up a non-statutory advisory committee to carry out many of the functions of the Scottish committee after its abolition. We also learned from the AJTC’s—I cannot tell you how happy I am to use just the initials—Scottish committee during our consideration of the Scottish Civil Justice Council and Criminal Legal Assistance Bill about the possibility that it may take on administrative justice functions at a later stage. The petitioners have provided further information. Do members have any comments?
Sandra White: There are a number of options, but I propose that we close the petition on the basis that, since the petition was lodged, the minister has outlined new proposals for a non- statutory advisory committee and is considering longer-term options. I am sure that Mr Hinton, the petitioner, can feed into that.
Roderick Campbell: I am not sure that I agree with Sandra White. I think that we could ask for a few more details of what will be involved in the non-statutory advisory committee, for a timetable and for general further information from the Government. I appreciate that it is a moving feast, however, and that, in some respects, the Government is responding to events in another place.
Graeme Pearson: Rod Campbell is right. I was left with the impression that we are not yet on solid ground regarding what the future might look like. Therefore, it might be too soon to close the petition.
The Convener: We will leave the petition open. Sandra White: I bow to the superior knowledge
of my colleague.
The Convener: You bow to his superior knowledge? Do not grow his part.
Roderick Campbell: We could ask the Scottish Government for more details when it is able to produce them. I suspect that it will say that it cannot give us very much at the moment.
Jenny Marra: It would certainly be useful to keep the petition open until the bill is introduced.
The Convener: I am happy to do that. We can also encourage the petitioners to feed into the consultation and to submit any comments on the bill at stage 1.


September 2012 - Accountability Scotland submitted the following response to the consultation on the Apologies (Scotland) Bill proposed by Margaret Mitchel MSP.

Accountability Scotlands response to the consultation on the Apologies (Scotland) Bill


August 2012 - Accountability Scotland submitted a petition (PE1449) to the Scottish Parliament Public Petitions Committee regarding preservation of a Scottish Council for Administrative Justice, in order to maintain a key aspect of Scottish Democracy when the planned abolition of the Scottish Committee of the Administrative Justice and Tribunals Council (AJTC) takes place.

Submission to the Public Petitions Committee for the preservation of a Scottich Council for Administrative Justice


February 2012 - Accountability Scotland submitted a paper to the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body detailing failings of the principal office through which the public are encouraged to route their complaints relating to maladministration, namely the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman:

Submission to the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body from Accountability Scotland concerning the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman


February 2012 - Accountability Scotland submitted the following response to the Administrative Justice and Tribunals Council regarding Administrative Decisions made by Public Bodies in Scotland where there is no right of appeal against the decision or where the right of appeal is inaccessible or inappropriate.

Accountability Scotland's response to AJTC concerning issues where there is no appropriate Right of Appeal


January 2012 - Accountability Scotland sent the following comments and associated reports regarding the SPSO to the Local Government and Regeneration Committee in relation to their meeting of 16 November 2011:

Accountability Scotland's comments to the LG&R Committee regarding the SPSO