The following Scottish Law Reporter article highlights extremely pernicoious actions of the former Chief Executive of the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission (SLCC) her reportedly lucrative Scottish government sanctioned payout on exiting her post under a cloud, supposedly on the grounds of ill-health, and her subsequent miraculous recovers and re-entry within a matter of weeks into public life as an employee of the SPSO - a public services body already under scrutiny for underperformance and questionable practices. Aside from the demonstration of unheathy relationships between various public servant bodies and government officials one at very least has to question the performance metrics that are used to determine the calibre of employee that is regarded as an asset within taxpayer funded offices.

The following article reports threats made by NHS bosses at Wishaw General Hospital in relation to whistleblowers highlighting cuts at a neonatal unit that are putting the lives of newborns at risk.

The following link recounts a string of failings by NHS24 which resulted in the untimely death of Mr John Willock.

The Glasgow Herald recently highlighted the following issue with regard to the Scottish conveyancing system.

Educational aspects of the recent Accountability Scotland conference held at the Scottish Parliament on the 16th September 2013 were reported in the Times Educational Supplement Scotland. The link to the report is as follows:

The current political atmosphere in Scotland is discussed within the following article. The author, Walter Hume, is the visiting professor of education at Stirling University, AS member and recent speaker at the organisations first public conference held at the Scottish Parliament building on the 16th September 2013.

An article in the Pakistan Daily Times challenges the spokesman for British High Commission to debate regarding Scottish universities manipulation of procedures used to determine standards and by rote their standing in the university league tables. Recommendations made in the Sinclair report to the body responsible for supervising quality assurance in Scottish Universities have failed to be implemented by the SPSO. 

One of our members has a referral in an article on the Society page of the Scottish Review. The related article can be read here.

This link to the House of Commons website relates to findings of the Justice Committees Scrutiny of the draft Public Bodies (Abolition of Administrative Justice and Tribunals Council) Order 2013 as highlighted in the second link below.‏

This link to the House of Lords document by the secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee details their findings relating to the abolition of the AJTC.

Government Response: Draft Public Bodies (Abolition of the Administrative Justice and Tribunals Council) Order 2013

See the following Scottish Review articles in which recognition is given to one of Accountability Scotlands committee members, Mr Rab Wilson, for his presistence in taking the Ayrshire and Arran Health Board to task over a catalogue of incidents of negligence and associated gross failures of management and governance.

The following link is for the Local Government and Regeneration Committee Meeting of Jan23 2013 in which the SPSO's Jim Martin presents their annual report.

The following link provides access to a forum where Scotlands constitutional future is discussed. It provides information and the facility to participate in debate on the subject.

Patients First is a campaign group set up to raise awareness of the challenges that raising concerns brings in some organisations.

The following is a link to an article on whistleblowing and the experiences of those who, despite the obstacles put in their way, have had the integrity and courage to expose the activities they have witnessed.

The Jimmy Reid Foundation is a respected research/think-tank body which, although leaning to the left, has no affiliation with any political party or organisation and is publicly welcomed by most political parties.

Please use this link to download "The Silent Crisis" paper from the Jimmy Reid Foundation website. This report shows that by many measures Scotland has one of the weakest local democracies in Europe. The "Silent Crisis Report Summary" is also available.

Consumer Focus Scotland’s response to the Ministry of Justice’s consultation on reforms proposed in the Public Bodies Bill is available as a download through the following link which is in line with Accountability Scotlands petition to the Scottish Parliaments Public Petitions Committee (also see the Featured Accountability Scotland Publications section of this website)

Former Scottish Legal Complaints Commission Chief Executive Eileen Masterman has taken up a position as a SPSO investigator after resigning under a cloud from the SLCC. She has subsequently produced a "whitewash" report for the SPSO in the cover up of the case below. Is it appropriate that someone with this history should be an SPSO investigator? 

To read of some bad experiences with the SPSO (Scottish Public Services Ombudsman) go to: 

To access the Crerar report, an independent review of regulation, audit, inspection and complaints handling of public services in Scotland:

A contact for the AJTC (Administrative Justice and Tribunals Council) the body that endeavours to keep under review the administrative justice system as a whole with a view to making it accessible, fair and efficient:

Noted: 24th February 2018 - this link is now dead, and reports "AJTC Closed"

Corrected Transcript of Oral Evidence from the AJTC (Administrative Justice and Tribunals Council):

Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsmans perspective on administrative justice and the AJTC (Administrative Justice and Tribunals Council ):

Noted:25th February 2018: Page appears to have been removed.

Petition calling for the Parliament to set up an Appeal Tribunal to review final decisions by the Public Services Ombudsman where any complainer so requests.

Audit Scotland - the organisation responsible for monitoring how our taxes are spent:

Raising Concerns about officials within Public Service Bodies audited by Audit Scotland:


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The following link provides access to undergraduate law students who are active in the field in an advisory capacity.

The following is a publication by Allan Rosenbaum, Director Institute for Public Management and Community Service and Professor of Public Administration Florida International University (USA) on Good Governance, Accountability and the Public Servant:

Other articles of interest:

Case for a Statue to Thomas Muir (1765-1799)

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