Here are links to survey reports issued by the SPSO. The first set, for service user views, are  to the SPSO. (See below for surveys of SPSO staff satisfaction and public service organisation views of the SPSO.)

Survey of service user views on the SPSO service - based on the Craigforth surveys of complainants views: 

Note 26 February 2018: Some of the following links are invalid ... but we are working on locating these documents:

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Another feature of the documen ts lists is that the document published Thursday, September 3, 2009 titled Listening to our complainants: SPSO satisfaction survey results was updated on May 20, 2013. The title gives no clue to the year of survey which may well be different to the year of publication.

Nor are the documents published by Craigforth found with a keyword search of Craigforth.

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This SPSO page gives links to survey reports and also summaries. Some documents have been relinked, some not yet.

Craigforth Report Links

1. Craigforth 2012 Survey
SPSO response to Listening to Complainants (Craigforth 2012 Survey). Background. There is no statutory requirement for the SPSO to gather service users' ...

2. Experience and attitudes in relation to NHS complaints
Experience and Attitudes in relation to NHS Complaints since the. Introduction of the New Procedure. Report by. Craigforth. December 2006.

3. 2012 Listening to Complainants - survey results (PDF 146KB)
Listening to Complainants - 2012. Customer Experience Research for the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman. Summary Report. By Craigforth.

4. Listening to our complainants: SPSO satisfaction survey results | SPSO. 3 Sep 2009 ... Craigforth's main findings were as follows (from the Executive Summary): Satisfaction with the courtesy and helpfulness of SPSO staff was high ...

5. Summary of its findings
1 Mar 2007 ... The project was put out to tender and the research was carried out between March and August 2006 by Craigforth Consultancy & Research.

Page not yet found. []

6. SPSO Service and Awareness Survey of Bodies Under Jurisdiction ...
An independent research company (Craigforth), has undertaken a survey of those Bodies Under Jurisdiction (BUJ) about which one or more complaints.

7. December 2010 survey, findings and future action
Craigforth recognise the small scale of the survey (based on a total of 229 returns ) and explain that 'the results should be considered as indicative rather than.

8. December 2010 service user survey results (PDF 241KB)
Complainant Survey Analysis 2008/09 (Craigforth). 2. In 2009/10, surveys were issued to complainants whose case was closed in the first quarter of the financial  ...

9. Statement of expenditure 2010-11 (PDF 37KB)
Craigforth Consultancy and Research. Survey of Complainants' Views. 1,901. Newspaper Licensing Agency. Copying and Accessing of Newspaper Content.…

10. 1 and 22 March 2012
22 Mar 2012 ... SMT approved the summary of the Craigforth survey of complainants' views of SPSO service that is underway. 3. ISDR feedback was discussed ...…

11. 14 February 2012
14 Feb 2012 ... SMT approved the summary of the Craigforth survey of complainants' views of SPSO service that is underway. 3. ISDR feedback was discussed ...…

Survey of public service organisation views of the SPSO

August 2009 service provider results

Survey of SPSO staff views

May 2014 SPSO staff survey results